WoW SoM server list

The World of Warcraft Season of Mastery Server List is now available. These servers will allow you to create name reservation characters. These servers will be available on the SoM global launch time. These Season of Mastery servers can be found in-game under a separate tab in the WoW Classic vanilla player when they become available.

Many people who are planning to play the WoW Classic Season Of Mastery have set up server communities so that they can find the best community. Reddit user U/ta2 created a table that logs the discords of server communities, as well as a fairly accurate population. These metrics and links can be used to determine where you want your name reservation to go and how to play when the Season of Mastery begins for most players around the world on November 16.

Be aware that these numbers may be slightly off. Reddit isn't used by everyone playing Season of Mastery. Another reason is the fact that many servers have the same people who are scouting Discords. These server population figures will be inaccurate when they go live.