World of Warcraft Realm Options

19th Nov, 2022

World of Warcraft Realm Options

You can choose a realm area, a realm type and a realm rule set when you play World of Warcraft.

If you're new to World of Warcraft, and you're coming with a friend to play, ensure you choose the realm where your friend is playing!


The five World of Warcraft realms are Americas, Europe Korea Taiwan, China, and Korea.

Your World of Warcraft account's location determines the region of your realm. Your World of Warcraft account will offer you a selection of American realms. If you have a European World of Warcraft Account, you will be offered European realms.

The Americas and Europe regions offer multiple realms that can be used by players who are from different time zones or speak different languages. The Americas region includes Oceanic realms that are available to players in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Latin American realms that are available for players who speak Spanish or Portuguese.

You can create a World of Warcraft Account in another region. We recommend that you choose the default region, based on your location.


The three World of Warcraft realm types include Modern Realm (Classic Era Realm), and Progression Realm (Progression Realm).

Before you launch the game, you must choose the realm type by selecting it on the app.


There are three World of Warcraft realm rules: Normal, Player against Player (PvP), Role-Playing and Role-Playing.

Other players might expect you to create a backstory for the character of your character on an RP realm, to interact with others in the same character, and to contribute to the fantasy immersion within the realm.

The Realm rule-set is dependent on whether you are playing in a Modern, Classic, or Progression realm.