Pros & Cons Of Using Fresh Start Servers

11th Dec, 2022

Pros & Cons Of Using Fresh Start Servers

World of Warcraft's Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion brings with it two new Fresh Start realms, one for PvP and one for PvE servers. These new servers require that each player who joins the realm creates a new character and starts from scratch. Fresh Starts are a fresh start for both veterans and new players who join with Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Transfers to the server or level boosts are prohibited for at least 90 calendar days. This gives players a classic experience of starting alongside others who are in similar situations.

Although the Fresh Server format is not for everyone, many players have requested servers like these for quite some time. Some players have even created their own servers with a similar design. Many players will be tempted to try Classic by the timing of the launch of Wrath of the Lich King Classic.

There are many benefits and drawbacks to Fresh Start realms. Many WoW players created Fresh Classic servers long before official ones became available. They can be a natural starting point for many players who feel overwhelmed. They also provide a more united social environment to encourage new friendships and an economy that isn't subject to the inflation experienced by many servers. They could also experience large numbers of players needing the same level, long queues to log in to the game, and the fear of the servers crashing once the initial hype has subsided.

New WoW players will love the fresh start realms

Many players see the best thing about a Fresh Start realm as the opportunity to play on an even playing field with other players. It can be much easier to find groups of people for quests and dungeons when they are all at the same level. This makes it easier for players to join WoW Classic. Because of the shared goals and experiences, this creates a more friendly environment for players to form new friendships. A player new to World of Warcraft will be able to learn the game more quickly without feeling lost.

The Fresh Start realms could experience a similar launch to a new game. There could be large queues for players to log in to this new experience if there are many. Players will need patience once they have logged in to the game. Common early leveling areas may be overcrowded. While it can be easier to focus on finding Wrath of the Lich King Classic group groups and making the friendships that many want in a social game like this, players should not expect the congestion will disappear quickly.

World of Warcraft has been around almost twenty years. The idea of a fresh start on an existing server can be appealing to many members of the community. The new experience will likely bring a sense of re-energizement that is not possible in an established realm. It is difficult to predict whether the Fresh Start realms will thrive from the reset economy and new friendships or if they will eventually dwindle into low population and lose their faction balance. These new realms offer exciting opportunities for World of Warcraft players in Wrath of the Lich King Classic.