Blizzard is frantically opening new WoW Classic servers

14th Jan, 2023

Blizzard is frantically opening new WoW Classic servers

World of Warcraft Classic is now live. Instead of partying like 2004 it's actually 2004, many fans are watching the slow ticking countdown of long queues. There is a lot of people trying to play WoW Classic. Everyone behind the scenes is probably exhausted trying to minimize wait times and ensure server stability. Blizzard has added three more WoW Classic servers in the US (opens in a new tab).

You're not the only one stuck in a long line to get into WoW Classic. As of 8:30 PT, /r/classicwow has a throng of frustrated players waiting to gain access. Players are complaining about excessively long queues, connection problems, and inability to connect even with three new servers that opened at 8:20 PT.

Blizzard is urging players to stop using bloated servers and instead use the new servers that are being opened to balance the load. The new servers are called Deviate Delight, Smolderweb, and Sulfuras (PvP/Eastern). These realms are now available online. This could save you from waiting in long lines.

Blizzard Community Manager Randy Jordan recently warned players about an impending overpopulation problem based on name reservation. He urged players to switch to the Stalagg realm from Herod to avoid waiting in queues. It turned out that he was right to be concerned, but it is fair to question whether this falls on Blizzard or the fans for not heeding Jordan's warning.