Blizzard Asks World Of Warcraft Classic Players To Move Servers

19th Jan, 2023

Blizzard Asks World Of Warcraft Classic Players To Move Servers

World of Warcraft Classic players are experiencing long queue times on the most populated servers. Now Blizzard has told them that they can migrate to a less populated server.

Reports of Classic WoW's most popular servers experiencing long login queues made headlines earlier this week. Some players reported that they logged in at noon and were finally able to log into the game by 8 or 9 pm. Some people even logged in that morning, and they stayed there, moving their mouse occasionally to avoid being kicked for inactivity.

Yesterday, Blizzard addressed this issue on the Blizzard forums. "I deeply and personally apologize for this situation on mega-realms," said Aggrend, WoW Classic producer (via PCGamesN). "Please know that this is a top issue right now, and that we are actively looking for solutions to the specific realms that are full."

Aggrend then went on to describe the steps Blizzard is taking in order to reduce queue times. The first was to disable character creation and transfer to mega-realms within the US and EU. These realms are now "locked indefinitely," and Aggrend added that other realms could be locked "with little or no warning" if they have too many people.

They stated that adding layers to mega-realms with too many people is impossible and that the only solution is to transfer characters to less populated servers.

Aggrend stated, "I want to extend a sincere and sincere thanks to those who took the plunge and moved to one of these massive realms to FCM destinations like Sulfuras–US and Mograine–EU." "I have seen many success stories that confirm that moving to one these realms was a positive experience."

Realms like Sulfuras or Mograine have "extremely well-being" populations and are "nearly filled at peak times," making them a great destination for players who want to move from overpopulated servers. Blizzard just announced Eranikus, a new realm that players can freely transfer to.

Although locking realms can leave some players out, it seems that there is no other option as players prepare for Wrath of the Lich King's release on September 26.